On May 14 2005 at 5:37am Alexander Robert McLane was born at UM Hospital.
At birth he was 7 lbs and 20 inches.

Mother, Carol Ullmann, and father, Matthew McLane could not be happier. Both Mother and baby are doing wonderfully. Everyone returned home on Sunday afternoon and have been learning to live together since.

For more picture please check out the family photo gallery at
http://www.holyort.net/gallery/v/fam/Zander/. (Please note that the URL has changed. -5/16/06) New pictures are being added all the time, so check again soon.

Recently a blog was created for posting updates to Zander's progress. Currently there is only one entry, but as soon as Carol learns how to post, I am sure we will get more. check it out: http://zeebob.blogspot.com/

Stay tuned for further updates.